Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Administration

The OVCA performs the following functions:

  1. Assists the Chancellor in the formation and implementation of financial and fiscal policies;
  2. Supervises and coordinates the plans and activities of the Budget; Accounting; Cash; Human Resource Development and Campus Planning Development and Maintenance Offices;
  3. Represents UP Manila in university committees where Vice-Chancellors for Administration are members;
  4. Conducts studies and makes recommendations to the Chancellor on Standard Operating Procedure for administrative matters like flow of papers, financial matters, employee performance and discipline, plans and awards for construction and renovation of physical plants;
  5. Monitors compliance of contractors and progress of ongoing constructions;
  6. Conducts project studies on business ventures of the University;
  7. Performs other functions as may be assigned by the Chancellor.
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Contact Number: 
Tel. 526-6111/ 523-3093