Office of the Chancellor

The Office of the Chancellor is the top executive office of UP Manila. It supervises campus operations through the related offices of the Vice Chancellors.

The chancellor has a term of three years without prejudice for a second term following a democratic selection process.  The chancellor is the chair of the University Council and ex officio member of the University Assembly of UP Manila, a body stipulated under the 1988 Reorganization of UP Manila that was supposed to complement the UC.  Implemented for some years starting in 1988 until the early 2000, the University Assembly is now a defunct structure.

Assisting the chancellor in the above functions are the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Administration, Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development, and Vice Chancellor for Research, the deans of colleges/academic units and the directors of the academic support offices.  Depending upon the strategies of the incumbent administration, Special Assistants (SA) to the Chancellor may be appointed on specific fields as deemed important (i.e. SA for Information Technology, SA for Special Projects, etc.)

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