UP innovation fellows present health technologies in Health Demo Day

From left, SaniPod, PAPR, myBESHIE, RxBox, eSteth


May 31, 2022 — Innovation fellows from UP Manila, UP Diliman, and UP Visayas showcased several health-based technologies during the recent University Innovation Fellows Health Demo Day that formed part of the Dept of Science and Technology-Philippine Council for Health Research and Development anniversary celebration.

The event was a venue for the engineering, clinical, and technology case teams to network and engage with industry partners, potential customers and collaborators after a series of mentorship sessions that started in September 2021. The sessions served as opportunities to refine the technologies’ value proposition and increase their technology transfer advantage. 

The technologies presented, their descriptions, CUs, and principal investigators are as follows:

1. VR Neurobehavioral Test, a neurocognitive screening system for 2-3 years olds to diagnose "Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)" that is less symptom-dependent and subjective than current ASD screening tests like parent surveys; UP Manila; Francis Samonte and Marvin Ignacio.

2. FILYRO Waste Solutions, a healthcare waste management that highlights an oil-based thermal treatment of infectious waste; UP Visayas; Ram Bautista  

3. StepGear, a locally fabricated smart wearable device used for patients with stroke, brain tumor, Parkinson’s disease, and cerebral palsy for gait re-training that provides real-time feedback from load cells and distance sensors; UP Manila; Joycie Eulah Abiera.

4. Sanipod, an automated 90-second disinfecting cubicle for HCW wearing PPE, to minimize the spread of virus as part of doffing process; UP Manila; Edward Wang.

5. PAPR, a medical grade respirator with superior APF that offers breath responsiveness to respond to the ventilation demands of the user while performing activities; UP Manila; Samuel Grosman

6. Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Equipment for Telerehabilitation (CaRe), an objective, accurate, safe, and hybrid (synchronous/asynchronous) method to provide rehabilitation service over distance to patients who can benefit from regular physical activity amid and beyond the pandemic; UP Manila; Frances Carlos, Carl Froilan Leochico

7. Echo on sight, real-time expert telepresence for point-of-care guidance and timely interpretation of bedside echocardiograms; UP Manila; Jose Donato Magno, Richard Hizon

8. myBESHIE Telepresence (Juan Protect), helps the health practitioners observe their patients from a safe distance, reduces the need to use personal protective equipment (PPE) without compromising the sharing of visual information and communication with patients; UP Manila; Nathaniel Orillaza

9. Telemetry (non-juan protect), remote monitoring of patient’s vital signs  from the nurse's station to minimize contact between the nurses and the patient. An additional software will be embedded in the RxBox device; UP Manila; Geohari Hamoy

10. eSteth (non-Juan protect), validation study of a locally-developed electronic stethoscope prototype using a phantom-based simulation system in the auscultation of lung sounds; initiative to design and build an electronic stethoscope that enables physically-distanced auscultation for healthcare workers wearing hazmat suits; UP Manila, UP Diliman; Michelle Miranda and Charleston Dale Ambatali

11. CleanIntubate (Juan Protect), laryngoscope blade disinfection portable device that will automatically cleanse, disinfect, wash, and dry laryngoscopes. The device can be easily transported from one area of the hospital to another; UP Manila; Catherine Co, Ed Magdaluyo, Jason Pechardo, Teresita Aspi

12. HyPer UV, a hydrogen peroxide-UV disinfection device for surgical instruments, PPEs and N95 masks using cost effective components and a readily available sterilization agent; UP Manila, UP Diliman; Emmanuel P. Estrella, Magdaleno R. Vasquez Jr.

13. CHITS Pivotal Peak, a Philhealth-certified electronic medical record (EMR) system that is used in the Regional Health Unit (RHU) level; UP Manila; Arturo Ongkeko, Jr.

14. RxBox, a multi-component diagnostic telemedicine device for isolated and rural communities to provide better access to life-saving healthcare services; UP Manila, UP Diliman, Manu Gaspar.

15. Metacomposites, an alternative composite pylon for patients suffering from limb loss to have a low cost endoskeletal prosthesis that is strong, lightweight, and corrosion resistant; UP Diliman; Hannah Del Rosario

16. AdamTech, MedEco, the MDI Adaptor is utilized in providing aerosol-based drugs while intubated for ventilated patients; UP Diliman; Jason Pechardo.

17. iFix, a locally fabricated, modular external fixator system for fractures of the lower extremity and hand; UP Manila, UP Diliman; Emmanuel Estrella

The project was funded by the DOST-PCHRD and implemented by the UPSCALE Innovation Hub, in cooperation with the UP System, UP Manila, UP Diliman, and UP Visayas Technology Transfer and Business Development Office.


Cynthia M. Villamor | Published in UP Manila Healthscape No. 39 (May 2022)


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