2,000 UP Manila scholars honored in virtual convocation


UP Manila recognized and honored its more than 2,000 University and College Scholars for Academic Year 2020-2021 through a virtual program held on May 6, 2021.

In her message, UP Manila Chancellor Carmencita Padilla told the scholars that the goal of the university is to prepare them for current and future challenges. “The challenges now may be different from the challenges of the future, and just as we were prepared to face the challenges now, we are also preparing you for the challenges of tomorrow,” she stated. She added that the pursuit of scholarship finds more value and meaning now that the country is still battling an unprecedented health crisis.

Dr. Carol Stephanie Tan-Lim, the keynote speaker, reminded the scholars of the typical association of scholarship with excellent grades. She asserted that more than their quantitative value, grades represent personal traits which are far more important. Further, she had these to say—

Grades represent hardwork, self-discipline, and ability to focus. They demonstrate your ability to manage time well even with many responsibilities and are testaments to your constant choice to study and learn. Ultimately, they represent commitment to excellence and to put your best effort in your work; qualities that are in high demand and will open doors for your success. In these unstable times when it is difficult to establish stable careers, having good work ethics will be your best asset and attract many opportunities.

Dr. Tan-Lim is a multi awarded pediatrician, resident, and intern during her medical education years; a recipient of the Perla D. Santos Ocampo Award and the Carmencita Padilla Award for Outstanding Post Residency Training.

She recalled two instances in her life when she exhibited persistence and a never-give-up attitude: when she took up the course Introduction to Calculus and 12 years later during thesis preparation and doing a meta analysis that both required a lot of self learning, reading, asking for help, and resourcefulness in looking for learning materials and opportunities. Dr. Tan Lim is credited with doing the first network meta analysis published in the Pediatric Allergy Journal in January 2021

She impressed on the graduates the need for life learning, that there will always be something new to learn, to improve upon, to discover; and that having the right attitude is fundamental to success.

“A life of excellence finds value in a life of kindness and love,” Dr. Tan-Lim affirmed.

Responding on behalf of the scholars is CAS BS Applied Physics University Scholar Troy Justin Go who recounted that the past two semesters were a lot of firsts for their batch: first zoom class, first Canvas use as a learning management system, first recorded lecture, and first online examination. He said these were not as beautiful as they expected them to be.

“Our achievements are testaments to our perseverance, a reminder of the hardships overcome. More importantly, they resonate the difficulty in getting a decent education at this time when everyone is vulnerable even in their own homes. Despite these, doors are still open to dictate how we will move forward,” he stated. 
Cynthia M. Villamor


Featured in the UP Manila Healthscape (Special COVID-19 Issue No. 28, 30 June 2021)