TEKNOLUSUGAN: "Teknolohiyang Atin Bilang Lunsaran ng Mabisang Pambansang Serbisyong Pangkalusugan"



16th UP Manila Science and Technology Week


DAY 1:  Herbal Technologies as Medicine and Raw Material  (Nov. 25)


"PERI Eye Drops" -- Broad spectrum ophthalmic solution for prophylaxis and treatment of ocular infection

Natural preservatives for food and other oral preparations
Tsaang Gubat tablet for gastrointestinal and biliary colic
Yerba Buena tablet as an analgesic
Ulasimang Bato tablet for hyperuricemia and gout
Natural Product for HIV treatment




Akapulco for fungal skin infections

Ampalaya for non-insulin dependent diabetes

Natural product for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

Sambong as a diuretic and treatment of urinary tract stones

Tsaang Gubat for relief of gastrointestinal and biliary colic

Tuklas Lunas (R):  Anti-Hyperglycemic Formulations

Tuklas Lunas (R):  Anti-Hyperuricemic Formulations

Ulasimang Bato tablet for hyperuricemia

Yerba Buena tablet as an analgesic



DAY 2:  Biomedical Devices and COVID-related Technologies (Nov. 27)

Development of genetic risk score for the prediction of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in Filipinos
Pilot study on the use of V-R in cognitive behavioral screening competencies in adolsecents cohort

Philippine Carageenan Lyophilized Wafers
Clinical validation of an ergonomically designed Kerrison rongeur
MyBESHIE for patient care and health workers safety
SaniPod Disinfection Cubicle



BOT Ensuring Safety and Health in Isolated Environments (MyBESHIE):  A SIBOL-COVID Initiative

Ergonomic Surgical Rongeur

DEFA1 and CFI Marker as Leptospirosis predictor and prognosticator


Philippine Carageenan Lyophilized Wafers


SaniPod Disinfection Cubicle