Information Management Service


Contact Information:

Landline:  +632 88141254 to 255
Established on 31 July 1998 by a Resolution of the UP Board of Regents, the Information Management Service (IMS) serves as the information and communication technology (ICT) support arm of the University. The IMS aims to help the University keep pace with the digital age by assisting in acquiring, developing and optimizing ICTs.

The IMS has five major functions, namely: a) Campus-wide network operations, b) Information systems design, development and maintenance, c) IT equipment maintenance and support, d) IT capability building, and e) Technical assistance/advice in software acquisition and maintenance.

The IMS Team is always happy to serve you. To reach them, identify your concern from the following (with the corresponding contact email address):
1. ADS and VLE access
2. UP Email Accounts
3. UPM internet connection issues, VPN, online conferencing

4. Mailing lists/e-groups creation and updating
5. SAIS inquiries

6. Canvas Inquiries

7. UIS, HRIS, SPCMIS, FMIS concerns (collab with HRDO and SPMO)
8. Document Assessment and Tracking System (DATS) concerns

9. Concerns on websites hosted and maintained by the IMS


10. Adobe access inquiries

11. Daily Time Recording System (DTRS)

12. All other concerns