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Landline:  +632 88141254 to 255

Established on 31 July 1998 by a Resolution of the UP Board of Regents, the Information Management Service (IMS) serves as the information technology support arm of the University. The IMS has five major functions, namely:

  1. User accounts provisioning and technical support to system users. This concerns a) UP and ADS accounts administration, b) mailing lists/e-groups, and c) technical support to users of systems such as SAIS, VLE, Canvas, UIS, DATS, DTRS, REDCap, Globodocs, among others. (F1)
  2. Network operations and teleconferencing support. This function supports the Internet and intranet connectivity of all units of the University. This also includes ensuring the availability of services such as VPN, livestreaming and teleconferencing, and colocation. (F2)
  3. Information systems development and maintenance.  This is subdivided into a) information systems development and maintenance and b) websites and domain names hosting and maintenance. (F3)
  4. Technical support and advice in ICT resources acquisition, deployment, maintenance, and disposal. This covers: a) Evaluation of bids and requests for ICT equipment purchase, b) Inspection of quality of acquired ICT equipment and software as well as of ICT equipment for condemnation, c) Repair and maintenance of computers and peripherals, d) Inventory of ICT resources, and e) software deployment. (F4)
  5. Enhancement of ICT capability of human resources and related support. ICT training activities for UPM employees. This also includes support to the HRDO in terms of handling of computer exams for UPM job applicants and providing clearance to exiting employees from their UP email and UPM system accounts. (F5)
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To reach us, refer to the following email addresses:

Email Address Description Clerical and other admin services Adobe concerns ADS accounts administration Biometric Fingerprint Bundy Clock service Canvas concerns Clearance from UPM Internet accounts Colocation service Computer repair and maintenance Client Satisfaction Survey development DATS concerns Office of the IMS Director DTRS concerns UP email and mailing list concerns ICT inventory concerns ICT equipment/system inspection and condemnation Concerns about other information systems Network and connectivity concerns SAIS concerns SETS concerns ( Software deployment ICT technical specifications evaluation ICT capability building concerns UIS concerns (including login, DV, payroll) UPMVLE concerns on login and access issues Livestreaming and webinar concerns Websites and domain names hosting