GAWAD CHANCELLOR 2019: Call for Nominations (New extended deadline: OCT 7)




Latest deadline extension: 4 Oct. 2019  7 Oct. 2019 (up t0 5:00 pm)

The UP Manila Foundation Celebration Committee is pleased to announce that the deadline for submission of nominations to the 2019 Gawad Chancellor has been extended up to 7 October 2019 (up to5:00 pm). Nominations without Certificate of no pending administrative or disciplinary case issued by HRDO and Legal Office will be accepted with the condition that request has already been filed through the UIS to ensure that subcommittees are given enough time to review nomination documents.
If you have any concerns, please contact Katherine Munda of the Office of the Chancellor at 526-8419 or



New deadline extension: 27 Sept. 2019

"Nomination should be submitted using the prescribed forms and with the required supporting documents not later than 25 September 2019, Wednesday, at the Office of the Chancellor, 8/F PGH Central Block." -- from CCDP Memo No.  2019-172


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