CPH: "1st International Forum on Collaborative Researches in Parasitic Diseases"

May 23, 2019
College of Public Health


International Forum on Collaborative Researches in Parasitic Diseases
23 May 2019 / 8 am - 5 pm / CPH Auditorium, Annex II, College of Public Health 



Global public health has been one of the foci of the United Nations Development Programme’s Sustainable Development Goals. In line with this, the Department of Parasitology, College of Public Health, University of the Philippines Manila is continuously doing outcome-based researches through partnership with different national and international institutions that will help in the alleviation of various parasitic diseases. With these collaborative researches, the department is able to the mission of the university to serve as a research hub in health sciences. This forum will therefore showcase the updates from ongoing collaborations with our local and international partners, as well as identify the new challenges in parasitic diseases. 



The aims of the forum are:

  1. To present the updates on the existing collaborative researches in parasitic diseases and
  2. To identify gaps and challenges that need to be addressed for future research collaborations



This forum is expected to be attended by health professionals including physicians, public health practitioners, medical technologists, nurses, parasitologists, veterinarians, health sciences teachers, molecular biologists, researchers and other allied health professions; students of public health, medicine, veterinary medicine, medical technology and other allied health courses.


To register (and for information on speakers and registration fees): 


For inquiries, please contact IFCR Secretariat at (02) 523-5929 / dop.upcph@gmail.com