Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences was created on October 29, 1998 during the 1125th UP Board of Regents meeting. Its intends to lead the way in the main task of undertaking research in the field of pharmaceutical science and to provide mechanism for the dissemination and utilization of research and human resource training.

IPS has enjoyed impressive successes over the past years in interdisciplinary teaching and learning, in the scope and the peer standing of its research programs, and in the visibility and value of its programs inside and outside the NIH and the University.

  • Collaborative research with the College of Public Health
    • Dengue Control, Molluscides and Anti-tubercular Agents
  • Research on Philippine Herbal Medicines (NIRPROMP, UIC, PITAHC)
  • CGMP Lifestyle Project with Zuellig Foundation and PhilHealth
  • Coordination with various research institutions, government agencies and the private sector in the 5-Seminar Series Colloquium for Medicinal Plant Research and Business Opportunities
  • Membership in the Task Force on Natural Ingredients for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics organized by the Department of Trade and Industry (BETP)
  • Membership in the technical working group on House Bill 2427: Pharmaceutical Research and Development Act
  • Tie-up with local cosmetic company in the development of new products
  • Tie-up with Infomediary Phils. In RxPinoy.Com section on Medication Guide and E-mail Drug Query Service called PharmAssist
  • Upgrading of rates for analytical services for drugs and natural products
  • Calibration of major laboratory equipment




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