Institute of Herbal Medicine

The Institute of Herbal Medicine (IHM) was created on 29 March 2007 by the Board of Regents. The Institute documents the healing knowledge and practices of the Philippine ethno-linguistic groups, conducts studies to determine the efficacy and safety of selected medicinal plants for use in the community and by the pharmaceutical industry, and advocates the rational use of safe and effective medicinal plants by the public and health care providers.

Research Projects:


  1. Development of Appropriate Cultural Management and Post-harvest Handling Practices to Improve the Yield and Quality of Selected Medicinal Plant Species.
  2. Dosage Forms from Philippine Medicinal Plants.
  3. Mutagenicity and Clastogenicity Potential of Drug Preparations from Philippine Medicinal Plants.
  4. Pharmacologic and Toxicologic Studies of Philippine Medicinal Plants.
  5. Establishment of Quality Control Bioassay Standard Procedures for Medicinal Plant Products.
  6. Clinical Screening and Scientific Validation Studies of Medicinal Plant Products.

Research Projects:

-New (2011-2012)

  1. Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity, Phytochemicals and Antimutagenic Properties of Some Plant Foods Endemic to the Philippines.
  2. Establishment and Maintenance of Database and Website for Philippine Herbs and Supplements.
  3. Phase 2: Documentation of traditional healing practices and development of traditional knowledge digital library.

Extension Services:

  1. Wastong paggamit ng mga halamang gamot. Jalajala, Rizal.

Intramural Collaborations (within UPM)

  1. College of Medicine
  2. College of Pharmacy
  3. Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Local Collaborations (MOA, MOU)

  1. DOH – Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care Research funding source; coordination of researches.
  2. Jala-jala Municipal Government Development of teaching modules on rational use of herbal medicines; training on rational use of medicines in the villages and in primary schools.


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Tel. 526-4266