Institute of Health Policy and Development Studies


The creation of Institute of Health Policy and Development Studies (IHPDS) was approved by the Board of Reagents of the University of the Philippines during its 1131st Meeting held on May 27, 1999. Since that time IHPDS has espoused a multi-disciplinary, evidence-based, and multi-organizational approach to health policy research, formulation and development.



Healthy citizens who are assured of ever improving accessibility, quality, and affordability of healthcare, anytime and anywhere.


As the foremost academe-based health policy research center, we shall serve as:

  • the authority for applied health systems research, health economic research, and policy analysis and advocacy;
  • platform for implementing broad-based, multidisciplinary approach to real world problems affecting health and development; and
  • source of learnings and solutions that are actionable, robust, empirically illuminated and validated for the benefit and use of policy makers and other stakeholders.


"Healthy you and me"

Research Programs:

  1. Service Learning for Students
  2. Broad based partnerships for patient empowerment, good governance and policy advocacy
  3. Global Partnerships for Health Improvements (GPHI) including Public Private Partnerships in Health (PPPH)
  4. Ecosystems valuation for improved quality of life and inclusive growth
  5. Local Government Units (LGU) health
  6. Scientist to Policy Maker Program
  7. PhilHealth Studies

Research Projects:

  1. Policy Baseline and Recommendations for Allied Health Disciplines (Occupational therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Pathology), Dentistry, and Nursing
  2. Development of Schistosomiasis PhilHealth Package Based on Actuarial Studies, Solicitation of Accreditation from PhilHealth and Board Resolution and Guideline Development for Accessing Funds from PhilHealth Project
  3. Determination of Incidence of Injuries from Vehicular Crashes in the Philippines
  4. Facts and Myths about Public Private Partnerships in Healthcare (PPPH)
  5. Post incident evaluation (PIE) for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) who responded to Typhoon Yolanda

National Collaborations

  1. Capability Building Program for Health Policy Associates and Interns
  2. Cost of Health Care, a total value chain paradigm
  3. Developing a Sui Generis Approach for Health Technology Assessment
  4. Optimizing Ridge, River and Reef (3R) Inclusive Growth while Conserving Biodioversity along the Morong River Septum in the Philippines
  5. Cost Benefit of Community Health Worker (CHW) in the Philippines
  6. Strengthening the quality assurance framework of the National Voluntary Blood Sevices Program of the Philippines
  7. Cost-effectiveness evaluation of vaccines in the National Formulary

International Collaborations (MOA, MOU)

  1. Monash University School of Pharmacy
  2. United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)


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