Information Management Service

The Information Management Service (IMS) was established on 31 July 1998 by a Resolution of the UP Board of Regents. IMS is a member of the UP Manila Information Technology Council and the UP System Internet Coordinating Committee.

The Information Management Service (IMS) serves as the information technology support arm of the University. The IMS has five major functions, namely:

  1. Campus-wide network operations
    • VPN access for UPM library resources
    • Videoconferencing support
    • Servers maintenance
    • Help Desk re network issues and concerns
  2. Information systems design, development and maintenance
    • Computerized Registration System (CRS)
    • Personnel Data Tracking System (PDTS)
    • University and offices' web sites
    • Email accounts administration
  3. IT equipment maintenance and support
  4. IT capability-building
  5. Technical assistance/advice in software acquisition and maintenance

In full support of the UP system's eUP project, the IMS is an active member of the UP Manila eUP Committee, which is in charge of the smooth implementation in the campus of the eUP project components.



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