Courses Offered

Nursing 1: Behavioral Foundations in Health and Illness.
Concepts in anthropology, psychology and sociology towards understanding of individual and group behaviors, with due emphasis on historical and current perspectives.
Credit: 5 units (lec)

Nursing 2: Human Development.
The normal physical, Physiologic, psychosocial, and cognitive development of the individual from conception to senescence.
Credit: 5 units (lec)
Prerequisite: N-1

Nursing 3: Anatomy and Physiology.
Physiological concepts with basic Anatomical facts.
Credit: 5 units (4 lec, 1 lab)

Nursing 4: PathoPhysiology.
Theories, concepts and principles of disease causation with analysis of the rationale behind common signs and symptoms.
Credit: 3 units (lec)
Prerequisite: N-3

Microbiology 20: Principles of Microbiology& their Application to Infectious Diseases.
Principle of microbiology and their application to infectious diseases.
Credit: 2 units (lec)
Prerequisites: N-3 and Chem. 31

Parasitology 10: Principles of Parasitology & the Study of Common Parasites of Man.
Principles of parasitology and the study of the common parasites found in man.
Credit: 2 units (lec)

Nursing 5: Pharmacology & Therapeutics.
The general properties of drugs in current use, their actions, effects and toxic manifestations in humans. Preparations, doses and methods of administration are given emphasis.
Credit: 3 units (lec)
Prerequisite: N-4 (Chem. 40 is co-requisite)

Nursing 10: Nursing Foundations I.
Concepts basic to the practice of nursing with emphasis on health promotion and maintenance, and disease prevention.
Credit: 5 units (3 lec, 1.5 lab, 0.5 clinical)
Prerequisites: N-3, N-2

Nursing 11: Nursing Foundations II.
Selected concepts, principles and basic procedures applied to nursing with emphasis on the role of the nurse in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.
Credit: 5 units (3 lec, 1.5 lab, 0.5 clinical)
Prerequisites: Parasitology, Microbiology, N-4, N-10
Co-requisite: N-5

Nursing 12: Community Health Nursing I.
Application of principles from public health, nursing and related disciplines to family health care.
Credit: 6 units (3.5 lec, 0.5 lab, 2 clinical)
Prerequisites: N-10, Microbiology and Parasitology
Co-requisite: N-11

Nursing 105: Nursing Interventions I.
Nursing care of individuals of all ages and their family as they adapt to changes brought about by disturbances in oxygenation, fluid and electrolyte balance, reproduction and sexuality, in varied settings.
Credit: 6 units (3 lec, 3 clinical)
Prerequisites: Chem.40, N-5, N-11 and N-12

Nursing 107: Nursing Interventions II.
Nursing care of individuals/families and population groups with pathoPhysiological and psychosocial disturbances in the hospital and the community.
Credit: 6 units (3 lec, 3 clinical)
Prerequisite: N-105

Nursing 119: Community Health Nursing II.
Application in the nursing process in the care of communities; problems, trends and issues affecting community health nursing practice.
Credit: 3 units,
Prerequisite: Nursing 12

Nursing 181: Nursing Leadership and Management.
Concepts, theories and principles of management and leadership applied to nursing situations.
Credit: 3 units (lec)

Nursing 199: Introduction to Nursing Research.
Concepts/principles in research focusing on the identification of research problems and the steps in conducting research in nursing.
Credit: 3 units (lec)
Prerequisite: Math 101

Nursing 109.1: Nursing Interventions III-A.
Application of problem-solving approach in varied critical care settings, as well as preparedness in emergency and disaster situations.
Credit: 3 units (1 lec, 2 clinical)
Prerequisite: N-107

Nursing 109.2: Nursing Interventions III-B.
Nursing care of patients with problems in adaptation and adjustment.
Credit: 3 units (1.5 lec, 1.5 clinical)
Prerequisite: N-107

Nursing 121.1: Intensive Nursing Experience, Hospital-based.
Integration and application of concepts, theories and principles for beginning competencies in nursing practice as research as well as development of leadership, values and management skills of a first level nurse practitioner in the hospital setting.
Credit: 7.5 units (clinical)
Prerequisites: All courses includes 4 PE & 2 NSTP

Nursing 121.2: Intensive Nursing Experience, Community-based.
Is an application of theories and concepts learned in all the courses, for beginning competencies required of a staff level position in community health nursing.
Credit: 7.5 units (clinical)
Prerequisites: All courses includes 4 PE & 2 NSTP

Nursing 117: (Elective) Nursing Care of the Chronically Ill and the Aged.
Concepts and principles in the nursing care of older persons who are well, and those with chronic illness.
Credit: 3 units (lec)
Prerequisite: N-105

Nursing 123 : ( Elective) Community Mental Health Nursing.
Role of the nurse in community mental health.
Credit: 3 units (lec)
Prerequisite: Junior standing

Nursing 124: (Elective) Intensive and Coronary Care Nursing.
Concepts in the nursing care of clients with life-threatening conditions and multi-organ system involvement requiring intensive and coronary care.
Credit: 3 units (lec)
Prerequisite: N-107

Nursing 130: (Elective) Parent-Child Nursing.
Nursing interventions/strategies for the prevention and/or management of developmental problems of children and parents.
Credit: 3 units (lec)
Prerequisites: N-2 and N-12

Nursing 182: (Elective) Introduction to Clinical Teaching.
The principles underlying the planning of clinical instruction and their application. It includes planning a course, selection of learning experiences, integration of social aspects, use of audiovisual materials and techniques, planning of class schedules, student learning and examples of evaluation devices.
Credit: 3 units (lec)
Requisite: Senior standing

Nursing 183: (Elective) Nursing School Curriculum.
The nursing school curriculum and principles and methods of curriculum-making. Emphasis is given to principles involved in formulating objectives, selecting and organizing materials, determining methods of teaching and the evaluation of instruction.
Credit: 3 units (lec)
Requisite: Senior standing