Courses Offered

Nursing 301: Nursing Theory I.
Theory building in Nursing
Credit: 3 units

Nursing 302: Nursing Theory II.
Grounding and validation of theory formulated, including field methods.
Credit: 3 units
Prerequisite: N-301

Nursing 303: Seminar in Philosophy and Bioethics.
Various philosophical schools of thought focusing on the principles, concepts, issues and problems of bioethics.
Credit: 3 units

Nursing 304: Research Methods.
Qualitative and quantitative research methods.
Credit: 3 units
Prerequisite: N-298 (Statistics in the M.A.) and N-299 (Research in the M.A.), or their equivalent

Nursing 350: Nursing and Health Program Development.
Program planning, implementation, evaluation, including health human resource development.
Credit: 3 units

Nursing 353: Dynamics of Nursing Practice.
Evolution of the practice of Nursing and its relationship to social and national development.
Credit: 3 units

Nursing 398: Advanced Statistics in Nursing.
Credit: 3 units
Prerequisite: N-298 (Statistics in the M.A. program)

Nursing 399: Seminar in Nursing Research.
Credit: 3 units
Prerequisite: N-299 (Research in the M.A. Program)

Nursing 320: Behavioral Perspectives in Health and Illness.
Macro level problems in health where the nurse can initiate projects that enhance the quality of life of the Filipino.
Credit: 3 units
Prerequisite: N-220 (Behavioral Perspectives in Health in the M.A. program), or its equivalent.

Nursing 330: Dynamics of Human Development (Research Approaches).
Current trends and issues undertaken through researches.
Credit: 3 units
Prerequisite: N-230 (Growth and Development in the M.A. Program) or its equivalent

Nursing 331: PathoPhysiologic Processes and Management of Common Pediatric Illnesses.
Conceptual approach to the study of pathoPhysiologic processes and trends and issues in the management of common pediatric disease conditions.
Credit: 3 units
Prerequisite: N-204 (PathoPhysiology in the M.A. Program) or its equivalent

Nursing 332: Seminar in Maternal and Child Health Nursing.
Investigation of current trends and issues in maternal and child health care.
Credit: 3 units
Prerequisite: N-330 and N-331

Nursing 333: Seminar on Families in Crisis.
Antecedent factors of current family crises and issues and trends in management.
Credit: 3 units
Prerequisites: N-230 (Growth and Development in the M.A. Program) or its equivalent and N-330.

Nursing 334: Seminar in Body Image.
The concept of body image and its influence on behavior in health and illness.
Credit: 2 units
Prerequisites: N-220 (Behavioral Perspectives in Health in the M.A. Program) or its equivalent

Nursing 341: Dynamics of Psychopathology.
Theoretical bases of psychopathology.
Credit: 2 units

Nursing 342: Organization of Mental Health Services.
Planning, organization, administration and evaluation of community mental health services.
Credit: 3 units

Nursing 344: Seminar in Mental Health Psychiatric Nursing.
Current issues in psychodynamics and trends in psychotherapy of individuals, groups and families with mental health-psychiatric problems.
Credit: 3 units

Nursing 345: Research in Psychotherapy.
Methodologies and findings of current research approaches in psychotherapy, including problems in execution and utilization of results.
Credit: 3 units

Nursing 351: Issues in Health Legislation.
Analyses of major health laws and policies which have influence on the health care system and present legislative activity in health.
Credit: 3 units

Nursing 352: Program Evaluation.
The theoretical bases, methodologies and applications of program evaluation.
Credit: 3 units

Nursing 354: Transcultural Nursing.
Nursing practice across cultures.
Credit: 3 units

Nursing 364: Seminar in Nursing.
Current issues and trends in various nursing specialties.
Credit: 3 units

Nursing 390: Independent Study.
In-depth investigation of a theory, issue or management trend in nursing which is of personal interest to the student.
Credit: 3 units