The Oblation Scholarship

1. Privilege to enroll in any undergraduate degree program and any college within the UP System, provided the student meets all other entrance requirements to his/her chosen program.

2. Free tuition, miscellaneous fees and laboratory fees. (Oblation scholars must pay student fund fees.)

3. Semestral book allowance of Two Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Pesos (P2,250).

4. Transportation allowance per semester (patterned after STFAP) for Oblation scholars whose permanent residences are very far from the UP campus they are enrolled in.

5. A special incentive allowance of Three Thousand Pesos (P3,000) per month. This allowance is over and above the monthly stipend if he/she is an STFAP beneficiary. For example, if an Oblation Scholar applied and qualified for STFAP Bracket E2, he shall receive P2,400 monthly stipend in addition to the P3,000 monthly incentive allowance as an Oblation Scholar. On the other hand, if he qualified for STFAP under Brackets A to E1, he will only receive the monthly incentive allowance of an Oblation Scholar which is P3,000.

6. DURATION of the award: The normal length of time for the degree course program chosen (computed from time of first enrollment in UP), except in the case of students in the INTARMED Program who shall enjoy the benefits during the first four years of the Program only. At the end of four years, these students shall have completed the equivalent of a bachelor's degree. An Oblation scholar who intends to enroll in the LLB program may enjoy the scholarship only for the pre-law baccallaureate degree.

7. ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS: To maintain the scholarship, the student:

    7.1 must carry the normal load prescribed for his/her degree program every semester;
    7.2 must pass all academic subjects enrolled in, without any grade of “Dropped” or “Incomplete”, and;
    7.3 earn a weighted average of at least “2.0” in the previous semester.

In the case of an INTARMED student, however, computation of grades for year levels III and IV will be based on grades for the whole year. The retention grade of “2.0” remains.

8. An oblation scholar may enjoy the special privileges during the summer if the student's degree
program normally requires enrollment during the summer.