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Priority in the availment of Grants-in-AID giving priority to non-Board members and defining the areas where Board members can undertake research projects, the following are to be followed: 1. Governing Board shall be 3 Agency Program Eligibility Description Due Date of Application Contact Details Website given priority in the availment of research grants. If the applicants in a division include the Chairman of the Division, said Chairman shall give the members of the NRCP who are not members of the priority to the other applicants in recommendation research grants; 2. That any member of the Board can be appointed project leader, full-time researcher, research fellow, or associate research fellow in any of the following projects: 2.1. The research project was prepared by the Executive Committee or by any standing committee of the Board; 2.2 That the project is of vital importance to the advancement of research or id in accordance with the policy of the Council or the Board; or has significant impacts on the environment; or is relevant to the goals of national development; 2.3 The research project is necessary for policy formulation or for the development of position papers and/or advocacy-statements in vital issues or problems. A researcher after having been informed of the availability of funds for his project, should signify his intention to start his project during the 1st quarter, because by the onset of the second quarter, research funds will be pooled into one common fund and it will be granted on a “first come first serve” basis.The governing Board confirmed the decision of the Executive Committee to increase the amount for individual project from PhP300,000.00 to PhP400,000.00 and up to PhP500,000.00.
National Higher Education Research Agenda - 2 (NHERA-2) restates the genral policies that should be guided higher education research; presents strategies and initiatives t develop research capacity and to enhance research productivity in higher education institutions; and identifies priority areas for research and researc-related programs for the years 2009 - 2018.
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OFFICE OF THE CHAIRPERSON AND COMMISSIONERS (OCC) Telefax. # 441-1177 Tel. # 351-7413 Higher Education Development Center (HEDC) Building, C.P. Garcia Street U.P. Diliman, Quezon City