UP Manila Foundation Student Enrollment Program

The UPM Foundation Student Enrollment Program is a privately-funded student loan program supervised by the UPM Development Foundation in coordination with the OSA. It is open to all students with at least 2nd year standing and is intended to assist students with the payment of their tuition and other fees. 


Guidelines for UPM Student Enrollment Program:

  1. The applicant must be a regular student of U. P. Manila, with at least second-year standing with a GWA of 3.00 and no INC. mark in the semester prior to loan application; 
  2. S/he must have a total annual family income of not more than Php360,000 in the preceding year; 
  3. S/he must be in need for funds to be able to continue studies or at least maintain past scholastic performance; 
  4. The applicant must not be a grantee of other student loan programs in UPM except the Student Loan Board, and she/he must be of good moral behavior
  5. The total loanable amount should not be more than Php25,000.00 per semester to be paid directly to U.P. Manila. The amount must be used only to pay the costs of, first, tuition fees, and, next, other matriculation fees as officially assessed by and due ultimately to U.P. Manila. 
  6. The assistance shall be through a loan that is non-interest bearing but subject to an upfront 5% p.a. deduction. 
  7. The loan should be fully paid before the end of the semester the loan was given. Non-payment of the loan will bar the student from registering the succeeding semester with the non-issuance of the registration forms.


Application Procedures:

  1. Get and fill out an application form from the UPM Office of Student Affairs (OSA).
  2. Seek endorsement from the following:                
        a. Applicant’s parents and/or guardians;
        b. Applicant’s fellow student in the same course; and
        c. Any one of the following with a regular item in the Department where the degree              
            program/course of the applicant is offered ---- Faculty Adviser/ Program
            Adviser/ Department Chairperson. 
  3. Submit the completed application form to OSA, together with a photocopy of the applicant’s Form 5. 
  4. Claim individual check (payable to UPM) from UPMDFI. 
  5. Proceed to Cashier’s Office for payment and issuance of validated Form 5. 
  6. Give OSA a photocopy of your validated Form 5.