Comprehensive Assistance and Resourse Program (CARe)

The Comprehensive Assistance and Resource Program (CARe) aims to promote immediate financial assistance to UP Manila students available to brackets 1 to 4 STS grantees. it will come in the form of cash advances, interest-free with a maximum loanable amount of P1,000 payable within the semester.


Guidelines for CARe Application:

  1. The financial assistance is open to STFAP grantees within brackets 1 to 4 or E2 and to all Student Assistants.
  2. The financial assistance comes in the form of cash advance from STFAP stipends that grantees received during the semester.
  3. The maximum amount that a grantee may advance is one thousand pesos (P1,000.00). The amount may be payable in lump sum or in monthly staggered payments within the semester.
  4. The previous cash advance must be paid first before a recipient can apply for another cash advance.
  5. The recipient shall sign a promissory note and authorization form indicating terms of payment and authorizing OSA to deduct the cash advance from his/her STFAP stipend or monthly salary in the cases of SAs.

An interest of 1% per month to cover operations cost shall be added to the cash advance amount. The interest payment shall be to the account of the UPM Development Foundation, Inc.