Student Loan Board (SLB)

A first year or sophomore student can borrow a maximum limit of 70% of the total tuition and other fees  miscellaneous and laboratory) per semester; a junior or senior, 80%; a graduate student, 85%. The student must have ready cash payment for the balance of the total tuition fees. Loans should be paid fully (including 6% interest p.a.) at one time or in installments before the final examinations. If paid within 4 months from the date approved, no interest should be collected. 

Guidelines for SLB Application:

  1. Any UP Manila bonafide student of good academic and moral standing with no outstanding account with the Student Loan Board may apply for the loan. 
  2. SLB Form #1 should be properly and completely accomplished. All required documents (student 1x1 photo and Invoice) should be presented when application is submitted. 
  3. The guarantor (parents/guardians, or permanent faculty/employee of the UP Manila). 
  4. 4. The witness of the co-debtor should be the College Secretary or the Dean of the Unit if the co-debtor is a faculty/employee. 
  5. When his/her application is approved, s/he must present the approved form (duly signed by the Director of Student Affairs or his/her authorized representative) to the cashier’s office when s/he pays his/her tuition. 
  6. The loan must be paid on or before due date. Non-payment of the loan will mean barring the student from registering for the next semester/term and/or will not be issued clearance.