No student shall be denied admission to the University by reason of age, sex, nationality, religious belief or political affiliation. 


Every applicant for admission shall undergo a thorough health examination. No person shall be admitted to this University found by the University Health Service to be with a dangerous, communicable, contagious or infectious disease or who is physically unfit to take the courses in any college of the University.



Incoming Freshmen

The entrance requirements for each course shall be prescribed by the faculty of the college offering the course and approved by the University Council and the President of the University. 


1. Through UPCAT (http://upcat.up.edu.ph/)  

Graduates of accredited high schools may be admitted as freshmen into the University of the Philippines on the following bases: (1) their performance in the UP College Admissions Test (UPCAT); (2) their weighted average in the first three years of high school and; (3) their choice of UP Campus and the quota set for specific course/colleges/units set by the respective Deans. 


2. PEPT Certificate Holders 

Holders of the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) certificated in lieu of a high school diploma may be admitted tothe University as new freshmen provided they pass the UPCAT.



You have to confirm your intention to enroll at the University of the Philippines Manila (UPM) for the First Semester of every Academic Year. Failure to inform the Office of the University Registrar of UP Manila within the specified confirmation period will result in the cancellation of your slot.

For the latest, please visit the OUR site (http://our.upm.edu.ph/)



  1. College of Allied Medical Professions
    http://camp.upm.edu.ph | 8526-7125  |  upm-camp@up.edu.ph
    1. BS Occupational Therapy
    2. BS Physical Therapy
    3. BS Speech Pathology
    4. Master of Clinical Audiology
    5. Master of Physical Therapy
    6. Master of Rehabilitation Science
  2. College of Arts and Sciences
    http://cas.upm.edu.ph/ | 85163227  |  Contact Information
    1. Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences
    2. Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies
    3. Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication
    4. Bachelor of Arts in Philippine Arts
    5. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
    6. Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences (Area Studies)
    7. Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics (Health Physics Concentration)
    8. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
    9. Bachelor of Science in Biology
    10. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
    11. Master of Arts in Health Policy Studies (Health Social Science)
    12. Master of Management
    13. Master of Science in Health Informatics (Bioinformatics)
  3. College of Dentistry
    http://cd.upm.edu.ph/ | 53026387 loc 104 (Admin Office)  |   upm-cd@up.edu.ph
    1. Doctor of Dental Medicine
    2. MS Dentistry (Orthodontics)
  4. College of Medicine
    https://cm.upm.edu.ph/ | 85264170  |  Contact Information
    1. BS Basic Medical Sciences
    2. Doctor of Medicine
    3. MD-PhD (2-track program)
    4. Master in Basic Medical Sciences
    5. Master in Clinical Audiology
    6. Master in Orthopedics
    7. Master in Medical Anthropology
    8. Master of Science in Biochemistry
    9. Master of Science in Bioethics
    10. Master of Science in Clinical Medicine:
      1. Child Health
      2. Family Medicine
      3. Medical Oncology
      4. Obstetrics-Gynecology
      5. Preventive Ophthalmology
      6. Surgery
    11. Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology
    12. Master of Science in Health Informatics:
      1. Bioinformatics
      2. Medical Informatics
    13. Master of Science in Pharmacology
    14. Master of Science in Physiology
    15. Master of Science in Genetic Counseling
    16. Master of Science in Medical Anthropology
    17. PhD in Biochemistry
  5. College of Nursing 
    http://upcn.upm.edu.ph/ |   85231985  |   cn@post.upm.edu.ph
    1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    2. Master of Arts in Nursing
    3. PhD in Nursing
  6. College of Pharmacy
    http://cp.upm.edu.ph/ |  85254434  |   upm-cp@up.edu.ph  
    1. Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
    2. Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences
    3. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Pharmacy
    4. Master of Science in Pharmacy
  7. College of Public Health
    http://cph.upm.edu.ph/ |  85242703   |   upm-cph@up.edu.ph
    1. Doctor of Public Health
    2. Master of Occupational Health
    3. MS Epidemiology (Public Health)
    4. Master of Hospital Administration
    5. Master of Arts in Health Policy Studies
    6. Master of Public Health
    7. Master of Science in Public Health (Environmental Health)
    8. Master of Science in Public Health (Parasitology)
    9. Master of Science in Public Health (Medical Microbiology)
    10. Master of Science in Public Health (Biostatistics)
    11. Master of Science in Public Health (Nutrition)
    12. Bachelor of Science in Public Health
  8. National Teacher Training Center for the Health Professions
    https://sites.google.com/site/nttchp/NTTCHP | 8521-0899 or 8526-4259 | 
    1. Basic Course in Health Professions Education
    2. Diploma in Health Professions Education
    3. Master of Health Professions Education
  9. School of Health Sciences
    1. Doctor of Medicine
    2. BS Nursing
    3. Certificate in Community Health Work (Midwifery)


​​You can find the most up-to-date information about each course in the college’s website.




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