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College of Medicine
UP Manila campus, Pedro Gil Street
Taft Avenue, Manila
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The College of Medicine (CM) was established in 1905 as the oldest college in the entire UP System. Its commitment to excellence and leadership in medical education and research, and its community orientation in service underlie its tradition. Besides preparing the students to be highly competent and caring physicians with the capability to specialize in varied fields of medicine, the College also emphasizes the value of comprehensive health care and health team approach.

The College is the first medical college in the country to offer a shortened medical curriculum from a two-degree, nine-year standard medical program into the seven-year medical curriculum or the Integrated Arts Medicine Program (INTARMED). This program admits high school graduates directly into the College and includes one year of internship.

UPCM has been designated as a Center of Excellence in Medical Education by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).


Undergraduate Programs

 BS Basic Medical Sciences 

Graduate Program

 Doctor of Medicine
 Master in Basic Medical Sciences
 Master in Clinical Audiology
 Master in Orthopedics
 Master of Science in Biochemistry
 Master of Science in Clinical Medicine:Child Health, Family Medicine, Ob-Gyne, Surgery, Preventive Ophthalmology
  Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology
 Master of Science in Health Informatics
 Master of Science in Pharmacology
 Master of Science in Physiology

Post-baccalaureate Programs

 Certificate in Biochemistry
 Diploma in Bioethics
 Diploma in Clinical Epidemiology
 Diploma in Clinical Medicine: Child Health, Family Medicine, Ob-Gyne
 Diploma in Physiology
 Certificate in Toxicology